Removal of pollution in the water supply.

Resins in the tube will take care of any mineral salts, calcium, iron, magnesium, nitrates, chlorides, sulphates carbonates.

Demineralized water quality check.

During the process, the resins in the tube will change color from green to blue. It is a color indicator and a quality check, that will help you see if the demineralized water meets the requirements and is of the quality it should be. If the tube is entirely blue, you need to replace it.

Replacing the tube after it is exhausted.

When the resins are saturated and exhausted because of the many times they have cleansed your tap water, you will need to replace the tube. It no longer produces demi-water that meets the requirements and is of the right quality. These are easy to reorder and exchange.

Reordering tubes.

When the demineralized water is no longer of the right quality and when the active resins in the tube are exhausted, you will need to replace the tube. You can order the tubes / refill in sets of two.

Price per piece € 52.50


Refills for the Saleskit come in tubes and you can order them in sets of four. You will be able to produce 400 or 500 litres (depending on the water hardness degree) of demineralized water per tube.

Size refill length 390mm – 70mm diameter


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