Demi-water navulling

The quality of self-produced demineralized water.


Demineralized water quality, is classified by means of the electric conductivity of water. The cleaner the demineralized water, the less free electrons are present to conduct electricity. We use the unit micro Siemens for indicating the conductivity of demineralized water. For this, we use the µS/cm symbol. The conductivity of drinkable tap water fluctuates between 300 and 700 µS/cm. This depends on the area or region in which the differing types of tap water are produced. Conductivity is caused by the amount of minerals and salts that have dissolved within tap water.

Using our tubes, demineralized water with a conductivity of 0.5-1.5 µS/cm is produced. Tap water contains small pollutants like salts, metals and minerals. These are removed during the demineralized water process.

Resins in the tube make sure kations and anions within the water are removed, creating demineralized water.

Because of the fact that the tubes (refills) are filled with a “mixed bed resin” and the fact that they are produced under ISO 9002, a constant high quality can be maintained.

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