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Demi-water Sales kit to make demineralized water.

The Saleskit comes with 2 cartridges (refills), wall bracket, hose pillar and hose set. You can start immediately and make demi-water.

Accessories that are standard are supplied.
– 2 patterns (refills)
– Wall bracket for mounting the Saleskit (cartridge holder) on the wall.
– Hose connector with G3 / 4 thread to connect the hose to your water tap.
– Hose set to connect the sales kit to the water supply. And to be able to drain the produced demineralised water.
– A description is included in the package for the easy assembly sequence.

The Saleskit (cartridge holder) remains attached to the wall and can be used for years! The tube cartridges (refills) can be ordered!


  • Available from stock and usually within 2 to 3 days at home.
  • Can be ordered for business as well as private individuals.
  • Delivered on invoice and pay afterwards.
  • Free shipping


Make demi-water with the sales kit instead of buying demineralised water.

You can easily make demineralized water from your own tap water. This by easily connecting the sales kit to your tap water pipe. You can immediately create your own demi-water once the system is connected.


Make demineralized water with the sales kit and tube cartridge / refills.

With the sales kit you can make the demi water by connecting directly to your cold water pipe. You can easily connect the supplied hose barb to the water tap, where it is easily accessible to use the system. That can be in the warehouse, workshop, laboratory or other room. You can connect the Saleskit where there is a water supply.


Save costs to make demineralized water yourself by using the sales kit.

To make demineralized water yourself, you save enormously on costs by using the Saleskit. You take your own tap water which is converted to demineralized water. You can produce your own demineralized water from € 0.12 / liter. thanks you in advance for your interest in our demi-water system and wish you cost-saving years.



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