Use the Saleskit to make demineralized water instead of buying it.

You can use your own tap water to produce demi-water, by connecting the Saleskit to your water supply. You can start producing demineralized water as soon as the system has been connected.

Producing demineralized water using the Saleskit and tube / tube refills.

Using the Saleskit, you can produce your own demineralized water by connecting it to your cold water supply. Connect the hose tail provided to the water tap, where you can access the system easily. This could be in a stockroom or workshop, for example. Wherever you have a cold water supply, you can connect the Saleskit.

Safe expenses by using the Saleskit to make your own demineralized water.

Using the Saleskit to make demineralized water will safe you money. Your own tap water will be turned into demi-water, thanks to the Saleskit. You will be able to produce it from as low as €0,12 per litre.

Make your own demineralized water would like to thank you for being interested in our demineralized water system and wishes you many years of money-saving.

Price € 229,00

Demineralized water system Saleskit, for producing demineralized water. Cold water supply. You can instantly use this to make demineralized water by self from tap water.

The set comes with the following accessories:

  • Wall clip, to attach the Saleskit (tube holder) to the wall.
  • Hose tail, to connect the hose to your water tap.
  • Hose set, to connect the Saleskit to your water supply and to tap the demi-water that you have produced.

The WP78 Saleskit (tube holder) will be attached to your wall and will last for years! Tube refills can be ordered!


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